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News | 2011

November 2011

David Schwind, Senior Vice President and Partner at Salter, was honored as a Purdue University Old Master in 2011. The program, which recognizes the accomplishments of distinctly exceptional individuals, selects and invites ten successful professionals for a brief tenure on the Purdue campus each fall. As the first acoustical consultant to graduate from Purdue, David enjoyed the opportunity to engage with students and share experiences and anecdotes from his career in acoustical design.

January 2011

Purdue University asked David R. Schwind, Senior Vice President at Salter, to write an article for its publication, Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine. David was the first to graduate Purdue as an acoustical engineer in Interdisciplinary Engineering comprising the study of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Design.

His article titled, "Interdisciplinary Engineering: Imagine the Possibilities," can be read by clicking here.

David also was one of ten engineers to receive the 2011 Purdue Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award.

For more information about the award, please click here.