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News | 2014

August 2014

Charles M. Salter Associates is excited to announce the return of Ken Graven, Vice President. Previously a member of the Salter team for 22 years, Ken provides technology integration expertise, consulting, and project management skills in audiovisual, acoustical, and telecommunications design. Having consulted on hundreds of projects, his specializations include corporate boardrooms, higher education, courtrooms, civic buildings, distance learning classrooms, broadcast and recording studios, libraries, and residential buildings. A registered electrical engineer in the state of California with CTS, RCDD, and LEED accreditations, Ken provides not only technical expertise, but also a sustainable design consciousness. He was a speaker at the opening session of this fall’s Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) Conference on the subject of intelligent building technology. He is passionate about creating "user-friendly" systems that will transform the way we design our buildings.

Salter is pleased to also announce the addition of Josh Vallon, Principal Consultant, to our technology team. Josh specializes in control system programming that enhances the functionality of audiovisual designs. He aims to provide our clients with a seamless user experience that is both intuitive and reliable. With an extensive background that includes user interface design, code development, remote diagnostics, development and adoption of corporate standards, final code delivery, and onsite testing and verification, Josh is helping to streamline the overall development process of audiovisual systems. He is skilled in many programming languages, including Crestron and AMX. His unique ability to design based on the optimal user experience will allow our clients to provide significant input to their interfaces.

July 2014

Elisabeth Kelson, Senior Consultant, was featured on the cover of Systems Contractor News as one of the nine new audiovisual innovators. Dubbed "The Technologist" with "equal parts passionate musician and technologist, Elisabeth offers the prototypical consultant package with a twist - she planned a career in AV from the start." She enjoys unique projects: "the Umpqua Bank SF flagship is a project I worked on and opened within the last year. This project has interesting AV design components, including signage on the storefront that projects video onto glass letters that spell ‘Umpqua Bank,’ and motion-activated video walls that are also touch-enabled. Our work is about finding the newest, coolest technology for our clients. That’s what could draw new people to the industry." Click here to read the article